Snap locking standing seam metal roofing systems can be used for architectural and light structural applications. The standing seam and zero-exposed fastener system is the most durable and waterproof system on the market. Snap lock metal roofing is the fastest growing roofing product in Central Oregon. This steel product will stand the test of time, with no seams and no holes, there is no where for the water to leak.

These roofs last 40-50 years! Straight from the manufacturers or manufactured on site, you can expect the highest quality roof with the right installation. You will replace the roof for faded paint or acts of god or nature before a properly installed system fails. Carter Roofing surpasses the industry standard with the professional guarantee of no leaks for at least seven years on all full Snap Lock installations! *Favorable circumstances may apply for up to 10 years of coverage!

Below are just a few color options, but there are many more colors and styles to choose from! So you can choose the roof that is perfect for you!

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